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Ukraine: A Dangerous Game

Broadcast on Aljazeeera English from 15 May, 2014

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Documentaries Available Online
  • Long Arm of the Dictator
    Broadcast on Al Jazeera English, March 2014
  • FIFDH Film Festival, Geneva
    Interview with Filmmaker Michael Andersen
  • Massacre in Uzbekistan
    Multilingual version - 10 years after the Massacre in Andijan
  • On the Heroin Trail
    On the Heroin Trail
    Following a kilo of heroin from Afghanistan to Europe - and the social problems left in its wake. Broadcast 2011
  • The Myth of Extremism in Central Asia
    Broadcast 2010
  • Abkhazia: A Forgotten Country
    Broadcast 2009
  • Naghorno Karabagh - Rearming the Caucasus
    Naghorno Karabagh - Rearming the Caucasus
    Broadcast 2008
  • Roza's Revolution: Candid interview with President Otunbaeva
    Broadcast 2007, Rebroadcast 2009
  • Bullets Fell Like Rain
    Bullets Fell Like Rain
    Following the persecuted after the Andijan Massacre. Broadcast 2006