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Mural Belfast

The Man Who Saved Barça (2017)

During the height of the Spanish Civil War, rumours abound that General Franco will go to any lengths to get rid of FC Barcelona. This is the story of the Irish man who saved them. Paddy O'Connell was a legend in his time: as a player for Manchester United when the price fixing scandal of 19XX broke, and as a captain - the only man to captain both of the rival teams Sevilla and Betis - taking Betis to their only Championship Cup Final. Yet somehow this larger than life character, somehow died in obscurity in an umarked grave. Now a team of dedicated supporters are working to bring Paddy the recognition he deserves.

Filming in Dublin, Manchester, Sevilla, Havana, Belfast, London, Mexico City, Barcelona, Santander....

Available for commission from April 2017.

Ukraine- Politics and Football


Filming began in 2013, during the Ukrainian revolution. Following developments through the prism of football, the role of ultras in politics (not least in recruitment of soldiers in the war against Russia on its eastern border) Oligarchs, Putin's propaganda and the West.

Available for Commission now.

Available for release July 2017

Ukraine: A Dangerous Game

A look at the myth of the East-West divide in Ukraine after the 2013 revolution. At a time when many commentators predicted a civil war following the Russian takeover of Crimea, this 22 minute doucmentary used expert testimony to debunk the myth.

Filmed in Kyiv, Lviv, Dnipro, Kharkhiv, London.

Produced for Aljazeera English, May 2015